S.H.E. Gallery is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to provide leadership roles and provide art, social and cultural education to local communities - especially those who are under-served and under-resourced.   S.H.E. Gallery is out of Chicago, Illinois hosting themed art exhibitions at traditional and non-traditional venues throughout the city. We use art as the primary healing tool to promote self-esteem, share culture and lead as an example of unity and equality. S.H.E. Gallery offers an encouraging opportunity to new, emerging and seasoned artists to exhibit, believing that all artists deserve the opportunity.  Both long time, established artists exhibit alongside first exhibitors, giving us a true sense of unity and chance for equality.

Founder, Director and Curator Dulce Maria Diaz is an intuitive artist. Through dream interpretation and spiritual guidance, she was led to The University of Chicago where she  learned of their contuining education program in partnership with The Hyde Park Art Center.Finding that the arts are a primary tool to help build hope, not only to the artist but also to its entire community. S.H.E. Gallery was created with intent to help fight against oppresing inequalities. She collaborates with artists, other organizations to execute themed art shows. Dulce is also involved with film, broadcasting and esoteric studies, she is a proud member of CAN TV and the Chicago Astronomical Society. Through broadcasting, Dulce aims not only to introduce artists, but also - offer resources, encourage the importance of culture, education, unity and communication. 
  1. Dulce Maria Diaz, Director
    Dulce Maria Diaz, Director
  2. Nicolas Diaz, Treasurer - Board of Directors
    Nicolas Diaz, Treasurer - Board of Directors
  3. Maria Diaz, Board of Directors
    Maria Diaz, Board of Directors
  4. Cesar Diaz, Board of Directors
    Cesar Diaz, Board of Directors
S.H.E. Gallery is responding to the city’s violence and number of suicides, especially within the youth. We live in a city where guns are easily accessible and people are killing innocent victims too often. We live in a city where the young are killing the young and the young are also killing themselves - suicide is a growing issue that we cannot ignore.  We believe that if we can get to the root of the issue, we can fix it – but we have to do it together.  S.H.E. Gallery wants to be an impact to our youth by educating them of their self-worth, educating our children on our culture and our roots and well as the importance of respect for life and  unity. Although social media has benefits it has many cons, especially amongst our youth whose self-esteem has been highly affected with a dangerous sense of social media competition, lost of self-respect, cyber-bullying and even human-trafficking. We are driven by urgency to help end the tampering of the lives of our youth - they should never feel hopeless.

Board of Directors:
Dulce Maria Diaz
Nicolas Diaz, Jr.
Maria Diaz-Streeper
Cesar Diaz

CAN TV - The S.H.E. Gallery Show Winter 2017
Co-host and Technical Engineers
Dianne Pasola
Lucy Mae

The mission of S.H.E. Gallery is to serve as a guiding light of encouragement, empowerment and guidance to our children, youth and communities.

We have given up on politics and know that we have to take a stand and be responsible for ourselves and our communities. Starting ground up, we believe that if we can get to the root of the issue we can make this world a better place - through the arts and education, we can.

Your Kid, next president. "Si Se Puede" - Dile y ve que si.