S.H.E. Gallery is an arts and education based non-profit corporation dedicated to promotion of self-esteem. We find that self esteem is an essential vessel to reach equality and respect for life.   Through themed art exhibitions and television broadcasting, we serve as an outlet of opportunity towards good.
Getting To the Root of Political, Social and Personal Issues:
Self-Esteem Is Essential
S.H.E. Gallery is responding to the urgency to cure political, social and personal issues through the arts and education, we promote self-esteem as root to aid. We believe that if we can get to the root of the issue, we can fix it, together. The City of Chicago’s political climate extends to the rest of the country and across the world - WE ARE THE PEOPLE – without a sense of self worth, often times we leave all political choices to hands of those who don’t understand the challenges of the underprivileged and the day to day issues that we face. Although social media has benefits it has many cons – especially amongst our youth whose self esteem has been highly affected with a dangerous sense of social media competition, cyber-bullying, human-trafficking and other pertinent issues. We are responding to a lack of role models driven by an urgency to end the tampering threats against the lives of our youth – whether by killing each other, killing themselves or by distracting our youth from becoming the best of their potentials. 
S.H.E. Gallery hosts themed art exhibitions throughout the City of Chicago at traditional and non-traditional venues, primarily on the South Side.  We work with emerging and seasoned artists to exhibit alongside each other, creating a sense of equality and promotion of self-esteem. Our themed art exhibitions provide cultural education as well as value of and to the self - encouraging the highest of human potentials.  Art can heal and unite humanity – we encourage all humans to face their fears and learn how to awesome their potential because we honestly believe there is a great potential in all human beings once they can learn to believe too. 
 S.H.E. Gallery became a certified member of Chicago Access Network Television – CAN TV in Pilsen and in January of 2017 we began to host our own call in television hotline segment. This has been another great tool that has given us opportunity to listen, share and introduce members of our community to talk to the community about the community and offer real resources as well as invite inspiring artists and organizations to share their story. We believe that by having real conversations, we can support each other and help build and empower relationships within our communities with hope to restore a high respect for human life and strive for the opportunity of true equality.
We are currently on our second Season of The S.H.E. Gallery Show airing live every Tuesday until the end of September. We are excited and continue look forward to continue to grow with our community.
S.H.E. Gallery was founded by faithful and intuitive Mexican Artist, Dulce Maria Diaz. While facing life challenges and illness, Diaz followed and interpreted a series of repetitive dreams that ultimately led her to the study of the business for the arts through The University of Chicago at the Hyde Park Art Center.  In 2015 while completing her course, she founded Sharing His Energy Gallery, S.H.E. and organized her first art exhibition, Pave Way. By September, S.H.E. Gallery was incorporated as a 501(c)(3).
Small by appearance, a female minority and immigrant who overcame much personal turmoil, Diaz found it important to take her personal life experiences and utilize her faith as solid foundation to heal and help heal through arts and education. Understanding the economics of humanity, it has become apparent that the world is ready and willing to work towards positive change and change cannot happen without first believing that we can – as individuals and together, together as one, we can. She created S.H.E. Gallery as a platform for this change and is taking the adequate steps to help others reach their dreams.
Thank you.

S.H.E. Gallery wants to expand its realms as far as it could. The unity of humanity and importance of peace, especially during this age, is absolutely priceless.  May it be the end of a world - May that mean that it is the beginning of a collective conscious awakening – some called it the revelation. It’s important to know how important we are and our potentials.
-Dulce Maria Diaz

S.H.E. Gallery Founder and Director,
Dulce Maria Diaz
Print Designs by Nick Diaz, Jr.
Marketing Assistance: Lucy Mae and Nick Diaz, Jr.
General Assistance: Christina Delgado, Eddie Alvarado, Henry Gonzalez and Dianne Pasola

CAN TV - The S.H.E. Gallery Show Hosted by Dulce M. Diaz

Season II - 2017
Technical Engineers
Lucy Mae
Nick Diaz, Jr.

Season I - 2017
Co-host and Technical Engineers
Dianne Pasola
Lucy Mae