Red Dress: Artifacts of Childhood

Artifacts of childhood
Processing the past
When the memories aren't good,
What do you do with them?
Throw them away
Save them
Shred them
Remake them
Is it possible to still be true to your child self?

~Lisa Jenschke

Weaving with vintage red velvet and screen print, red velvet child’s dress, polaroid photo; NFS


blot |blät|
• a dark mark or stain, typically one made by ink, paint, or dirt: an ink blot.
blot |blät|
verb [ with obj. ]
• obliterate or disregard something painful in one's memory or existence.
obliterate |əˈblitəˌrāt|
verb [ with obj. ]
• destroy utterly; wipe out: figurative : the memory was so painful that she obliterated it from her mind.• cause to become invisible or indistinct; blot out.
• to disregard something painful in one's memory or existence; erase, eradicate, expunge, efface, wipe out, blot out, rub out, block out, remove all traces of.
    ~Rita Koehler Blots     
Much of my processes as an artist are predicated on my
desire to platform the acting, feeling, living part of myself
and others that I often refer to as the knowledge of the body.
It is the part of experience that is not always empirical or
rational, but still reveals a complex system. Ironically in the 
last year, I acquired a health condition that specifically affects women and has greatly altered my life. 
When you find out that your body doesn't necessarily work in
your may begin to feel that it is working against you. Like a whole system is taking place without your consent, regard for your input, or concern for what you think.  I have had to shift, accommodate, and compensate for the inconvenience of what my body needs. There are days when it feels immense to care for myself. In these drawings I am allowing space to express, imagine, re-imagine the experience for what it is.

Michelle Welzen Collazo-Anderson

El autoestima es la clave de triunfo o fracaso personal. La falta de amor hacia uno mismo, es "campo fértil" para los depredadores emocionales que terminan, si lo permitimos en abusos físicos, que llamamos "Violencia domestica", estas historias se encuentran en los hospitales y panteones.
Estos depredadores atacan en cualquier clase social, a mujeres con estudios o sin ellos, sea una maestra, mesera, o pintora, como fue mi caso, aprendí poco a poco a amarme a mi misma, aprendí a no permitir insultos que lastimen mi integridad y dignidad como mujer de nadie que diga amarme, lograr esto en mi vida ha sido mi triunfo personal.

~Esperanza Gama 
"El amor es ciego" Esperanza Gama
Collage $350.00
“Machismo” Esperanza Gama - NFS
"She who is centered in the Tao
can go where she wishes, without danger. She perceives the universal harmony, even amid great pain, because she has found peace in her heart."
Tao Te Ching
Written by Lao-Tzu
From a translation by S. Mitchell
Delilah Salgado 2016
"The Love That Diminished My Light"   35
Medium- Assemblage: paint, pencil, paper, metal, cardboard, printed paper, photographs, fabric, wooden toy box
Dimensions- 16"X16"X16"   NFS
I'm not knocking your want 
To carry that home
Took it with you 
When you moved and got it 
Found the pieces
We counted them all alone
Didn't add up
Forgot to carry the zero
-Lyrics from Built to Spill
Nest Series  by  Mary CatTepper
1. Yoked, glazed porcelain with slip, $225
2. Solitaire, glazed porcelain with slip, $75
3. Exquisite Feast, glazed stoneware with slip, $175
4. A Delicate Hold, glazed porcelain with slip, NFS
5. I was told to not wear my heart on my sleeve, porcelain, hair, flora & wire, $450
6. Cracked, glaze porcelain with slip, NFS
7. Astriction, glazed porcelain with slip , $200
8. Tauntness, glazed porcelain with slip, NFS
9. Cat's Cradle, glazed porcelain with slip, NFS
…a corruption of the Word?
The  greatest  original sin….all because he envied the woman?
“why does SHE get to bear fruit!?  – he did not think it fair.
Perhaps it was a nature of the elements he did not want to understand and maybe there it began…a jealous angel without a navel had no mercy upon our kind…Children of the Divine.

                               ~Dulce María Díaz, Mythological Theories, 2016
“He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” –John 8:7