Sharing His Energy Gallery

2 0 1 9  M E M B E R S

§  Che Cardona

Born and Raised in Chicago, Pilsen.

Artist Name: OPIK
Graffiti name inspired by “OPTIC” shortened and made original by changing “C” to “K”.

Che is a self-taught artist. Practicing since the age of 10, he’s worked with different mediums – his current focus is a unique art style he invented called Styrograff – he labels it as a new type of graffiti sculpture.

His work is influenced by the hip hop culture and its innovating artist as well as Swiss Painter, H.R. Giger; Movies such as Fantastic Planet, Coonskin, Wizards and comic books, like that of Spiderman and Batman. He was also influenced by music, such as Gary Bartz, Stevie Wonder, disco and house music.

§  Dulce Maria Diaz

Artist Name: dulce37 and/or d37
First name/initial followed by the 3 and 7 numbers she repeatedly saw growing up. Learning of their meanings, she added them as part of her name to symbolize “living through the trinity seven days a week”

Born in Tumbiscatio de Ruiz, Michoacan, MX
Raised in Chicago, IL USA since the age of 5

Dulce studied business for the arts through The University of Chicago Continuing Education Graham program in partnership with The Hyde Park Art Center. She is a certified producer and editor through CAN T.V.  and an intuitive self-taught artist since as early as she can remember. As an artist, she works with various mediums. Dulce is mostly influenced by her faith, her dreams, intuition, sociology, philosophy, mythology and the hip hop culture she grew up with and mostly her older brother, NAGS of WAR CREW.

Her roots have led her to a passion of cultivating all culture, capturing history and especially that of innovating local graffiti artists that have helped paved the way to the popular street art.
For more on her work, please visit www.dulce37.com
§  Nicolas Diaz, Jr.

Artist Name: Nicky Nags
Influenced by his birth name and original graffiti name, NAGS ONE

Born in Apatzingan, Michoacan, MX
Raised in Chicago, IL USA since the age of 8

Nick studied at the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago and earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Visual Communications through Westwood College. 

He works with graffiti art, spray can art, digital art and some acrylic painting with focus on digital art. Nick began drawing cartoons from about the early age of 7 or 8 years old until he got into the graffiti artform at 13 years old. The Chicago graffiti culture has been a huge influence of his life as an artist/designer.

“Influenced at a young age by the art of graffiti. I have learned that composition is key to design. The amount of work I put into each letter shows, and every letter is a new problem to solve. When I design, I say less is more because I love white space and I strive for simplicity and function. I look at design as a tool that can be changed, formed and discovered as many times as it needs to come up with the right solution.” – Nicky Nags
§  Gabriel Galvan

Born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, MX
Raised in Chicago, IL USA since the age of 15

Gabriel is a self-taught artist. He bloomed into his practice approximately seven years ago, working with 2D and 3D sculpture-metal/welding, plastic upcycle recycle. He specialized in finding old, forgotten or obsolete materials and giving them a new purpose or a higher environmental value – transforming by-products into creative reuse. Gabriel’s biggest influences are his children and in many ways is also shaped by our city.

“When my son Marco was 10yrs old, he was really into Legos and Bionicles. I was spending sometimes up to $100 in Lego Kits – we decided to start making our own from recycled materials, that’s how I got started. Thank you, Marco.

Art is a way of life in Chicago neighborhoods that you can’t get away from. We live in country where consumption and waste are greater than what this earth can support. There are no limits – technology, new electronics or how much we can produce. Why not take some of that and give it a creative use.” – Gabriel Galvan
§ Henry Gonzalez
​​ www.gapeone.com 

Artist Name: GAPE ONE

Born and Raised in Chicago, IL USA

GAPE is a self-taught artist and has practiced for as long as he can remember. He went to school and became a software engineer for “Corporate America” for twelve years and in 2010, he decided to transition into a full-time artist. Since, GAPE’s skills continue to grow and progress as an artist. He works with a large scale of mediums, surfaces and styles. His work is vibrant and reflective of the world he knows, drawing inspiration from everyday life as he lives it.
§  Diana Mendez

Born and raised in Chicago, IL USA

Diana has earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology from NLU and a post Master’s Degree from DU as well as various other certifications and professional endorsements. Diana’s artistic desires began as a very young child with memories of sketching and coloring bringing her a sense of self-expression. Diana considers herself a “closet artist” – being that she’s put the raising of her family and building her career at the forefront and she has not been able to focus on her creative side. Though she never went to art school, her father was a big influence in her advocacy for the arts and they used to practice live drawing with him. Diana is ready to step out of the closet and shift her focus back to the arts. We look forward to watching her bloom.

“I feel like now more than ever I need to focus on my creativity because it brought me peace and some self-reflection. My career influences me in a way that I take nothing for granted and I see beauty even in despair.” – Diana Mendez

§  Dulce Santoyo dulcedoesntdraw

Born in Guadalajara, MX
Currently resides in Chicago, IL USA

Dulce earned her BFA in illustration from Columbia College in Chicago. She has several influences ranging from comic book culture to painting to fashion design. Despite these numerous tendencies, Dulce is a story-teller at heart. Her medium changes allowing the story to transform the artist and audience.
​​Artist Name: TRIXTER ONE

Born and raised in Chicago, IL USA

"TRIXTER" hailing from the City of Firsts" in the US Midwest's world class city Chicago. Trixter is a pioneering originator in the development of Chicago Graffiti Trends and Style, and the growing national and international Street and Urban Arts movement.
Recognized across international barriers, he has received numerous homages, accolades, nominations, and awards from practicing professionals, patrons, and practitioners of the growing and dynamic world of graffiti, and the modern arts mainstream.

Currently "TRIXTER" is nearing completion on a new work of authorship, due to be available for review, and pre-order in late 2019, and developing a formal preservation organization for the art, craft, and science of graffiti, and the emerging science of "Grafology".

His interests are focused in creating an empowering and accessible venue for practicing and emerging artists interested in being a part of a unique project establishing a movement and organization for the advancement of the GRAFOLOGICAL SCIENCES.
S . H . E .  G A L L E R Y  M E M B E R S  O N L Y  C O N T A C T  L I S T