An art based non-for-profit corporation focusing on creating equality by promoting self-esteem and providing opportunity through the arts and education.
S.H.E. Gallery 501(c)(3) is more than your usual art gallery - we host art exhibitions throughout the City of Chicago - collaborate with various artists and other community empowering organizations. 
If you have an idea or vision that you feel is important to our communities - Please help us help you bring it alive - contact us today.



The S.H.E Gallery Show - Season II airs LIVE Tuesdays, July 11, 2017 through Tuesday, September 26, 2017  from 6:30 - 7p.m. Introducing amazing artists, musicians and poets all season long! 

April 21-22, 2017 - we joined Lake FX's CreativeCon and in partnership with Elephant Room Gallery at Chicago's Cultural Center, we helped give opportunity to all of the city to collaborate with us with chance to host your own art exhibition with us - January of 2018 - this exhibition comes to live! Stay tuned for details on winning participant and show details - still include YOU!

Presenting SOLO exhibition: Artist, Alfonso "Piloto" Nieves-Ruiz - Memorilization to the students of Ayotzinapa - details to follow.

Presenting SOLO exhibition: Reddor "Red" Santiago's "Life is Good"
Details to Follow 

March 9, 2018
S.H.E. Gallery pays back to her last years - with it's first performance arts event - we showcase a bit of "Pave Way" "Espiritu Monarca" "Muliebtrity Memoirs" and "Soular System" -- pushing for unity and community through the arts and education - join us at the National Museum of Mexican Arts - Details to Follow

Collaborating with La Brocha - presenting art exhibition for the aging - more on aging health awareness - Details to Follow!

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S oular System Art Exhibition

​Season One Winter 2017 - S.H.E. Gallery hosted our first season of weekly live call-in interactive segments - The S.H.E. Gallery Show - introduced community resources, inspiring stories, empowering organizations, sensitive topics, educators, artists, musicians and more with Chicago Artist Network Television - CAN TV.

"...S.H.E. Gallery is taking active strides to push objectives like equality and opportunity to the forefront of their mission. Director Dulce Maria Diaz is using her platform to focus attention on the content of work and ensuring that the voice of the artist is not lost in the ever-spining carousel that is the comtemporary art world. Art can speak to everything throughout all cultures and Diaz is making sure that everyone who has something to say gets heard. She has taken on the task to operate as the voice and legs for artists who might not otherwise find opportunities to exhibit their work, and therein lays the importance of what she is doing..."                                                                        -Jorie Senese

The Art House: Soular System Art Exhibition - Review by Jorie Senese 
December 9, 2016