Pave Way

"Pave Way" concentrates on the graffiti origins that have paved way to street
art. Introducing Nicolas "NAGS" Diaz Jr., Henry "GAPE" Gonzalez, Luis "PEAS" Molina, Ruben "AWOL" Palomo and Jose "MASE" Ramos - Five Chicago based graffiti artists who were active during the illegal graffiti  strong eras of 80's and 90's. These artists have applied their graffiti roots to the more acceptable
and legal practice of street art and public art while inspiring younger generations to aspire from this practice. Also introducing D.J. Walter "NOBLE" Nowak, who will be spinning some of the finest hip hop beats. He was also a Chicago graffiti writer during the above mentioned strong eras. 
Pave Way is the "behind the scenes" of how this movement came about
from real life experiences.  This show concentrates on the history of
graffiti culture, hip hop and how it has paved way for street art. 
Dedicated to innovator graffiti writers who paved way
to the street art movement which has created a huge impact to our activists method of roaring for human rights and political issues.
                                                     you are appreciated.