S.H.E. Gallery

Hosting Art Exhibitions at traditional and non-traditional spaces; ​​ performing arts, social justice events - live cable televised CAN T.V. hotline; community murals; collaborations with mission to make and help make visions come true. We are building equality, opportunity and a real
world-wide community with respect to history, your story and to the cultivation of
culture ​- graffroots at forefront.

Founded in 2015

Founder and Director, Dulce M. Diaz
Video by Efren M. Villalobos, 2018

Homework: The Dream

While studying Business for Artists, Founder and Director, Dulce Maria Diaz was instructed to pretend she could have her own business. Her homework turned into the S.H.E. Gallery that you know today, these are the real and raw origins - take a read!

Stay Inspired!

The Dream

Written By Dulce Maria Diaz, Spring 2015 "Business for Artists" Class:
The University of Chicago Graham School
Instructor: Rebecca George

T​​he topics that I have chosen as my areas of focus work hand in hand. Founding an art related
for-profit business was the original idea. I learned the difference between for-profit and non-profit. For me, the main difference was that if I wanted to completely be self-sufficient, I'd have to go the for-profit route with curatorial projects to make it become alive.

The Dream -

I came into this class a little blind about my exact direction. I was however, clear about my dream. I knew I wanted to have shows with positive messages while working with artists of all ages with concentration towards inspiration to the youth. I thought to have my own shows I would need to have my own venue, until Rebecca said the classic Nike words, "just do it". I learned that the curatorial projects would have to take place in order to raise the funds to get to the permanent home, the founding of an art-related for-profit business.

To Profit or Non-Profit, that is the Question -

After in-class discussion about he hassles of the non-profit organizations, requiring constant grant writings and asking, I did not much research the subject. I quickly decided that if I wanted to be an entrepreneur I would have to do things myself without spending half of my time asking for money to help my dream come true. For profit organization became my target. Knowing I do not have the funds to own my own space for shows, I visited a for rent empty storefront styled venue in Pilsen. The idea was to inquire about price for a month long exhibit. After speaking with the owners I learned that there would have to be a 6 month lease priced at $1,200/mo. with light and water included.

Planting the Seed -

I started to look into gallery venues such as Vertical Gallery and Maxwell Colette. These are art galleries that show urban art. I enjoy their shows and always wished I could see more local artists get recognition for the origins of what such places are profiting from. I stopped researching their avenues and decided I would have an exhibit solely on educating the public on the origins of the popular street art. I am personally heavily influenced by the graffiti and hip-hop culture. I thought of my friends who were innovators and continue to mural. I decided I would share graffiti's history and introduce graffiti artists whom I respect, simply because they deserve it too. The decision was made, I wanted to introduce Chicago graffiti artists who paved way for street art - the names came to my mind quick. I reached out to the artists; they were excited and wanted to participate. Great, the seed was planted, that was a start.

Curatorial Projects and The Brainstorm -

I had to dig in my roots and reflect on a time when growing up, my friends, siblings and I would dedicate our free time of youth to partying. Not just dancing and having fun but actually being in party productions. I recall my oldest brother being in Boy/Girl Productions and I was in Girly Girl Productions - party crews, in and out of productions we would host "day times", "night times" and attended underground raves. We did it for the fun but the revenue was real and would keep the next party going. I thought back to those days and thought, "I've done this before, it's a different push but I can do this - find a venue, get the word out and have a show!" I was so excited, I knew I would want to have more shows and needed a "home". I decided to build a website. My intuition and strong faith are my anchors - "sharing his energy" kept playing in my head over and over - I wanted to honor God in a non-religious non-invasive yet inclusive type of way. Sharing His Energy, S.H.E. was the name of my gallery. I wanted to build a space where I can give opportunity to both the artists and the art lovers to network, this would be the place.

After in class discussions, I researched Chicago Artists Resource's website looking for affordable venues. I also reached out to Aaron c/o Homeroom who had visited the class and gave us some insight on what his organization does. He gave me some leads, I reached out to the a fitting venue, Comfort Station, but they never got back to me. I reached out to a few other venues out of Chicago Artists Resource's website as well and out of all of those places, I received one e-mail from artist, Layne Jackson.

Rookie Booking; Ups and Downs -

Layne Jackson is artist and owner of Layne Jackson Studios. Layne and I were scheduled to meet on the same evening that I was scheduled to have a phone conference with Mike Nourse, Director of HPAC. Mike and I were discussing my rejected Visual Arts Certification Program application,
as we were discussing same I let him know what I was working on. I recall being part of Chicago Art Department's 200 Lincoln Exhibition there years ago and I remember that was his baby.
I inquired about the space for my show; he send me some helpful information adding that he thought he would be able to help me with a venue at the HPAC. After spending half of my lunch break on the phone with him, I spent the other half writing up a proposal for the show and hit "sent" - he loved the concept, I was thrilled. After confirming dates with the artists we booked the show to take place in May with a two week running time for the price for zero.

Later, Mike apologized as the HPAC would be under construction for an upgrade and would not
be available to host my show in May but rather at the end of Summer. Things happen, I embraced the change of plans and reached out to my artists who were disappointed as they had been so excited by the show. By this time, I already had my website for Sharing His Energy Gallery nearly completed with Artist-Calls for upcoming shows that I would be working on. I thanked Mike
and asked him to consider any of the other shows for the Center. Meanwhile I was back at
square one - find a venue.

I was back at Chicago Artists Resource, this time I got two replies but my heart was set on The FoxHole Chicago. the feeling of the place felt right. I met with the founder, actor and musician, Tim Frank, and booked it. The energy was high, he liked the concept so much and gave me a generous price of $300.00 for the entire weekend plus would help promote through his agents and networks. The first exhibit is now again booked, June 13, 2015. Pave Way at The Foxhole Chicago - suddenly the dream began to feel a bit more real.

Marketing/Promotions/Publications...Homework -

While researching for venues, I also began to brainstorm sponsors and publications. I reached out to my favorite brewery, Lagunitas as well as a Pilsen Community tamales venue called Dia de los Tamales - beer and tamales, that's what I was asking for. Since, Lagunitas has gotten back to me and they too liked the concept and would like to help. We will do without tamales for now.

The Foxhole Chicago is allowing spray paint directly on their walls for a graffiti mural so I am reaching out to Modest, a skateboard shop that also sells aerosol paint. The owner, Danny, is a humble individual whom I have met on several occasions. I shop at his store and support the events he has hosted in the past. I plan to visit the shop to let him know about the show. I am asking him to sponsor spray paint to the graffiti artists that I will be presenting pushing the idea that it would help get the work out about his shop. No hidden whims, help for help.

I remember reading an article from the Reader about street art from July of 2014, I had kept a copy and e-mailed all of the editors that wrote any of the articles on it letting them know about the show for publications. I am also reaching out to my friend who is part of an urban magazine,
Prevail N Prosper. I am also looking into hiring for assured publication and press release through Chicago Artists Resource.

I have shopped around for pricing on prints for postcards, brochures and signs - after visiting Staples and going through internet search engines I found that Vistaprint has the best deals
with great reviews for quality.

Once I start to promote the website and the show, I plan to create an Instagram account for each show and the site. we can run but we cannot hide, social media is a great way to help promote - there's no hiding from that fact.

Legalities and Revenue -

69 West Washington Street, Chicago, IL is where I would go to discuss business applications and learn which is best for me. I understand that I would need to apply for a business license. After class discussion, I took my colleague, Rita's advise and have reached out to Score Chicago for individual mentoring on which type of business license would be best fitting. For now, I am keeping track of the moneys I have spent and the revenue I may collect as these shows continue to travel.
I am like many of us, overworked and underpaid but I am working and saving my hard earned income to make these shows happen by cutting costs in everyday living. Sponsorships and volunteers from those who believe in the concept and mission of the gallery are also helping. I am also starting a Kickstarter account to help those who want to donate to help fund the mission.

Letting it Grow -

Holding on to my anchor, I have found my hook - these shows. www.sharinghisenergygallery.net is the website where my gallery lives. I found this site under website builder after researching reviews on different hosts. I followed the templates and luckily one of my artists is a computer engineer who is helping me continue to work on her. If you can no longer find her at this domain, please try www.shegallery.net, which may be the new domain by the time you've read this.

One of the most important parts of keeping this dream going is networking with artists and non-artists. I don't know anyone who does not love art. I find myself talking with different people, whether my family, my stranger or my Blick store cashier - I am meeting new artists, potential new artists and art lovers. Keeping people informed and excited I think is something that comes easy if it's true, it has to be shared so the people who can feel it. That's what I think is going to make these shows successful. They come not from "which artist is going to make me rich" but rather from - this is going to make a community out of every neighborhood and give each person that wants a chance to be an artist.

I don't have deadline to come up with enough money to own my own gallery venue - I will continue to host these shows if I get there or not. My heart is with S.H.E.,
I am giving her all of my energy.


Chicago Artists Resource -

Aaron Rodgers c/o Homeroom -
[email protected]

Layne Jackson Studios -

The Foxhole Chicago -

The Hyde Park Art Center -

Chicago Art Department -

The Comfort Station -

Lagunitas Brewery Co. -

Dia de los Tamales -

The Reader -

Staples -

Vistaprint -

Craigslist -

Modest -

Prevail N Prosper -

Website Builder -

Score Chicago -

Following Pave Way - S.H.E. Gallery became a non-profit incorporating articles
September 29, 2015.

S.H.E. Gallery Members

Amanda Saucedo

Artist / Dancer / Teaching Artist

Amanda Saucedo, of Mexican-Ukrainine descent, is a native of Chicago. She is a Company Dancer and Resident Teaching Artist at Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater. Amanda started her dance training with a Mexican Folkloric group in her youth. She continued on with Spanish dance, along with studying Ballet and Modern at Northeastern Illinois University. Amanda has performed internationally as well as nationally alongside local Chicago artists, dance companies and arts organizations. She continues to partake in collaborative work in hopes to inspire and share her art with others.



Artist Name: BBoyB
Born and Raised in Chicago, Logan Square.

BboyB grew up in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, but saw his first graffiti during a family vacation to New York City in 1981. By 1982 his tag was all over Logan Square and he formed one of Chicago’s first iconic Graffiti crews, ABC, the Angel Berto Crew, along with fellow graffiti writer Angel/Seen. As the crew expanded to include such graffiti greats as Take2, Trixter, HATE, Flash, Non-Stop, and Risk, the name changed to the more all encompassing Artistic Bombing Crew, to retained the acronym ABC. ABC later went on to join one of the first graffiti super crews, The Federation (FEDS), which was the unification of ABC + MPC (Master Piece Crew) + TCP (The Crowd Pleasers).

Bernice Vargas

Artist / Event Planner / Activist 

Born and Raised in Chicago, Little Village
I was born in Chicago and grew up in the Little Village neighborhood.  I'm first generation Mexican American. I studied and lived in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico from the age of thirteen to sixteen which gave me an opportunity to experience my Mexican culture.
I am on a journey towards empathy, kindness, love, and enlightenment. Through this path I have come to know myself in a new way and found that I am a people person. Service to others, my fellow beautiful and strong sisters, my Latin and my American community, that fuels me. This growth helps me help others.
My creativity comes from my passion and desire to help others. In my event planning and tradeshow career I have found purpose planning events that serve a greater purpose. I found my voice when I found Green Card Veterans as it forced me to look outside myself and understand that others have very different life experiences. We all have traumas that need to heal so we can then understand, that we are all connected.
Malcolm X prayed for our understanding of the problems of this world, and to find our place in that picture. I see art as a creative experience to healing. We must let go of fear to heal from within. That's how we grow. That's how we begin to have empathy. My art will be created through the healing experiences of others.

Che Gardona


Artist Name: OPIK
Born and Raised in Chicago, Pilsen.

Name inspired by "OPTIC" shortened and made original by changing "C" to "K".
Che is a self-taught artist. Practicing since the age of 10. He's worked with different mediums and his current focus is a unique art style he invented called Styrograff and labels it as a new type of graffiti sculpture.

His work is influenced by the hip hop culture and its innovating artists as well as Swiss Painter, H.R. Giger; Movies such as Fantastic Planet, Coonskin, Wizards and comic books, like that of Spiderman and Batman.He was also influenced by music, such as Gary Bartz, Stevie Wonder, disco and house music.

Diana Mendez


Born and raised in Chicago, IL.
Diana has earned a Master's Degree in Psychology from NLU and a post Master's Degree from DU as well as various other certifications and professional endorsements. Diana's artistic desires began as a very young child with memories of sketching and coloring bringing her a sense of self-expression. Diana considers herself a "closet artist" - being that she's put the raising of her family and building her career at the forefront and she has not been able to focus on her creative side. Though she never went to art school, her father was a big influence in her advocacy for the arts and they used to practice live drawing with him. Diana is ready to step out of the closet and shift her focus back to the arts. We look forward to watching her bloom.

“I feel like now more than ever I need to focus on my creativity because it brought me peace and some self- reflection. My career influences me in a way that I take nothing for granted and I see beauty even in despair.” – Diana Mendez

Dulce Maria Diaz

President / Founder / Artist

Artist Name: dulce37 and/or d37
First name/initial followed by the 3 and 7 numbers she repeatedly saw growing up. Learning of their meanings, she added them as part of her name to symbolize.
"Living through the trinity seven days a week".

Born in Tumbiscatio de Ruiz, Michoacan, MX.
Raised in Chicago, IL. since the age of 5

Dulce studied business for the arts through The University of Chicago Continuing Education Graham program in partnership with The Hyde Park Art Center. She is a certified producer and editor through CAN TV and an intuitive self-taught artist since as early as she can remember. As an artist, she works with various mediums. Dulce is mostly influenced by her faith, her dreams, intuition, sociology, philosophy, mythology and the hip hop culture she grew up with and mostly her older brother, NAGS of WAR CREW. Her roots have led her to a passion of cultivating all culture, capturing history and especially that of innovating local graffiti artists that have helped paved the way to the popular street art.

Dulce Maria Diaz
D37 ARTCV 2023

Eddie Yeung

Artist / Illustrator

Artist name: Chunchunart
Born in Hong Kong, China.
Raised in Chicago, IL. since the age of 5.

My goal with my paintings is to recapture the viewers of the feelings as a child exploring new places and objects. As we grow older we become busier with our lives and not spending the time for ourselves. So I make my pieces with the intention of having the viewers to react and respond in a way a child would do. Size is very important, as a kid everything that is unfamiliar seems large but it shouldn’t feel scary but more of excitement and happiness. So on each piece there are little details that have the viewers would come closer to take a look, as a representation of the feeling of curiosity and excitement as a child. I create my pieces with watercolor with soft blending to create a whimsical and cute feeling to my painting. I am highly influenced by the film My Neighbor Totoro, by Hayao Miyazaki, as that film always reminds me to enjoy life and keep being curious and creative.

Gabriel Galvan

Artist / Sculpture

Born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, MX.
Raised in Chicago, IL. since the age of 15

Gabriel is a self-taught artist. He bloomed into his practice approximately seven years ago, working with 2D and 3D sculpture-metal/welding, plastic up-cycle recycle. He specialized in finding old, forgotten or obsolete materials and giving them a new purpose or a higher environmental value - transforming by-products into creative reuse. Gabriel's biggest influences are his children and in many ways is also shaped by our city.
"When my son Marco was 10yrs old, he was really into Legos and Bionicles. I was spending sometimes up to $100 in Lego Kits - we decided to start making our own from recycled materials and that's how I got started. Thank you, Marco.
Art is a way of life in Chicago neighborhoods that you can't get away from. We live in a country where consumption and waste are greater than what this earth can support. There are no limits - technology, new electronics or how much we can produce. Why not take some of that and give it a creative use."
- Gabriel Galvan

Marina Dobrosavljevic

 Artist / Author / Board Member

Born in Cuprija, Serbia.
Raised in Chicago, IL. since the ago of 8.

Marina is an author/artist creating works with which she hopes to inspire , uplift, and entertain. Writing has always been a way for Marina to express herself and in 2009 it was her writing that inspired her to try painting which she immediately loved. Marina believes the arts can have a positive impact in our lives and that through various forms of art we can connect with one another in a very meaningful way.
"I feel the work I am doing with S. H. E. Gallery is very important. S.H.E. Gallery is determined to make a difference in our communities through the arts as well as other forms of community support and I am honored to be a part of such a great organization ." -Marina "M"

Nicolas Diaz Jr.

Artist / Graphic Designer / Board Member

Born in Apatzingan, Michoacan, MX.
Raised in Chicago, IL. since the age of 8.
Nick studied at The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago and earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Visual Communications through Westwood College.
He works with graffiti art, spray can art, digital art and some acrylic painting with focus on digital art. Nick began drawing cartoons at the early age of 5 or 6 years old until he got into the graffiti art form at the age of 13 years old. The Chicago graffiti culture has been huge influence in his life as an artist as well as a designer.
"Influenced at a young age by the art of graffiti. I have learned that composition is key to design. The amount of work I put into each letter shows, and every letter is a new new problem to solve. When I design, I say less is more because I love white space and I strive for simplicity and function. I look at design as a tool that can be changed, formed and discovered as many times as it needs to come up with the right solution." - Nicky Nags

Patricia Cobo

Artist / Spiritual Therapist

Patricia Cobo Art
Patrica is a self-taught artist, and energy worker from Chicago, IL.
As an artist she specializes in nature inspired abstracts, pet portraits and soul paintings. Her therapy practice includes Reiki, Qigong, crystal work and intuitive readings.
Her soul painting are an artistic representation of your aura. She reads, paints and interprets your aura to give insight of your energetic balance, spirit guides or if ancestors or angels are present.
Inspired since her youth by her father's artistic ability and creativity, she was also gifted with her abilities as an energy worker from him. Empathic, clairsentient and clairaudient from birth, she has harnessed her abilities in energy work through training, mentorship and guidance from multiple nationally renowned spiritual teachers and Shaman.
Her Cuban roots inspire the energy and vibrant colors she uses to express and evoke emotion. You will see that same vibrancy in her Soul Paintings as well. Patricia infuses her energy work into her paintings, creating something unique for your space. Spirituality, connection, creativity, and community comes through all facets of her work, artistically and energetically. 



Artist Name: Trixter
Born and Raised in Chicago.

"Trixter" hailing from the City of Firsts" in the Midwest's world class city Chicago. Trixter is a pioneering originator in the development of Chicago Graffiti Trends and Style, and the growing national and International Street and Urban Arts movement. Recognized across international barriers, and awards from practicing professionals, patrons, and practitioners of growing and dynamic world of graffiti, and the modern arts mainstream.
Currently "Trixter" is nearing completion on a new work of authorship, due 
to be available for review, and pre-order in late 2021, and developing a 
formal preservation organization for the art, craft, and science of graffiti, 
and the emerging science of "Grafology"

Yahulah Bentzedek

Artist / Writer

Born in Dimona, Israel.
Raised in Chicago, IL.

First, I am Yahulah Bentzedek. I was born in Dimona, Israel.  I grew up in Chicago, Illinois.  I’ve been writing since I was in grammar school. I started writing as an outlet to not being heard and feeling ignored, but I’ve always loved the arts. Dancing and just performing arts period.  I continue to write because it’s a way of expressing myself and saying all the things my voice doesn’t always say. I love to dance, animals, food, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. From SHE Gallery, I just want to learn all I can, and help people. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and take more creative writing classes to enhance my writing.