IMD Arts Council First Annual Art Fair

Wednesday, May 24 . 2023 W. Ogden Ave.


Illinois Medical District
Arts Council Presents The First Annual

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
2023 W. Ogden Ave.
11am - 3pm

 Art    Music    Tacos    Giveaways    Performances    Panel Discussion

Uptown artist, NERD, needs your support!

NERD is an Uptown artist, teacher, mentor, father, and friend. He has been an artist for over thirty years and has contributed numerous murals, pieces, sculptures, and other street-based artworks. He is also a community activist who previously worked with at-risk and street-based youth through La Casa Norte in 

Chicago, IL. NERD has lived and fought to manage diabetes for over ten years. His health journey has impacted many facets of his life. Due to being denied health insurance, he is now contending with the pervasive costs of the medical system. NERD has had countless procedures to help him manage his diabetes but is now facing another digit amputation.

The S.H.E. Gallery Show
Season 6