Illinois Medical District Permanent Exhibit

Chicago Graffiti: Four Seasons 2023 W. Ogden Mural finds a permanent home within the walls of Illinois Medical District Headquarters. 

February 2024

ED, Darrious Hillman takes advantage of his position and the board of directors let him.

Former CAN T.V. Board Member, S.H.E. Gallery ED Dulce Maria Diaz takes action.

The S.H.E. Gallery Show 
Season 13 has been interrupted.

Crain's Business listens...

September 1, 2023
The Southside Weekly released 
"Who is CAN T.V. For?"

During this time, S.H.E. Gallery ED, Dulce M. Diaz was a CAN T.V. board member, she pushed back on the behavior allowed. 

By October 2023, Diaz was removed from the board.

What CAN T.V. did not want you to know.

The Elders Podcast was removed from the station following this recording. 

April, 2023.

The S.H.E. Gallery Show - Season 14 Wednesdays, 1/3/2024 - 3/27/2024
6:30-7:00PM CST

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024 

Remembering The Kings

Hosted by Dulce37

Remembering The Kings 

S.H.E. Gallery Founder and Director, Dulce celebrates MLK with a tribute to Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King, Jr.
LIVE at CAN T.V. 1/17/2024.

The S.H.E. Gallery Show - Season 14 Wednesdays, 1/3/2024 - 3/27/2024
6:30-7:00PM CST

Join us live every week!

Wednesday, January 10, 2024 

Remembering ORKO

Hosted by Dulce37

Remembering O.R.K.O.

S.H.E. Gallery Founder and Director, Dulce recaps life and interview with graffiti legend, Rodney "ORKO" Wade LIVE at CAN T.V.  1/10/2024.

The S.H.E. Gallery Show - Season 14 Wednesdays, 1/3/2024 - 3/27/2024
6:30-7:00PM CST

Join us live every week!

Kicking off the season with Guest, TEEL ONE!

Hosted by Dulce37


S.H.E. Gallery Founder and Director, Dulce interviews graffiti writer, artist, and entrepreneur LIVE at CAN T.V.  1/3/2024.

R.I.P.  Rodney "O.R.K. ONE" Wade

On December 21, 2023 we learned that we lost the life of a Chicago legend.
Only Rodney Knows One - The Idealist - FEDS - SYSE - Rodney Wade
A master talent, a pioneer, a father, a son, a mentor and friend to many.

Gone way too soon. We will miss you Rodney. 

Interview with Rodney filmed live September 2021

Graffiti as an Art Form

Nineteenth Century Charitable Association Lecture by Dulce Maria Diaz
Monday, November 27, 2023


Chicago-Graffiti History

Since our first exhibit, Pave Way 2015, S.H.E. Gallery has worked with 1st generation graffiti writers from Chicago as well as other states, including interviews with earlier graffiti writers from New York, such as SKEME and T-KID. Please visit our page and learn more about our efforts to help educate on on this important art movement. 

Special thank you to PENGO, TRIXTER, EMTE and all of the Family Resemblance participants.

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Rebel Army Runs

My name is Felipe Coronel. You guys know me as Immortal Technique. For the past two months, I’ve been conducting food runs to the elderly, the immunocompromised, the disabled, and the mothers with small children across many communities in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and other New York City areas. The stimulus check is gone. Social security doesn’t always cover the expenses many elders have. New York City runs on tourism, and no one is coming here now. With jobs scarce, a police force in disarray, an ongoing pandemic, mass shortages more commonplace and uncertainty among our people, now is a time more critical than ever to show our love and support to the community.

Go Fund Me

Uptown artist, NERD, needs your support!

NERD is an Uptown artist, teacher, mentor, father, and friend. He has been an artist for over thirty years and has contributed numerous murals, pieces, sculptures, and other street-based artworks. He is also a community activist who previously worked with at-risk and street-based youth through La Casa Norte in 

Chicago, IL. NERD has lived and fought to manage diabetes for over ten years. His health journey has impacted many facets of his life. Due to being denied health insurance, he is now contending with the pervasive costs of the medical system. NERD has had countless procedures to help him manage his diabetes but is now facing another digit amputation.

The S.H.E. Gallery Show
Season 6